Friday, 7 June 2013

Getting that Summer feeling

I don't know what it is about Summer that makes me feel so happy. Maybe it's that as somebody who has the luxury of working from home, my garden becomes my office. Before Amelia started full time education i could spend my days in the garden with her, bust out the garden toys, flip open my Filofax & get on with some work for a few hours. There's so much more to it though. Summer makes me want to paint my nails, scrub & moisturise parts of my body that haven't seen the light of day for at least 6 months & just chill out with a good read & a cool juice.

This week we've had the pleasure of our eldest daughters company. Jade is my 22 year old daughter who now lives in Leeds but takes a week off around this time every year to come & visit. Jade is either a secret meteorologist or just very lucky when it comes to picking her weeks holiday, because she always seems to pick the hottest week of the year. Our week so far has consisted of making healthy salads, drinking coffee, chatting in the garden, chilling on the hammock,  fake tanning for me & baking in the sun for Jade.

Today i decided to give Jade a  manicure &  a pedicure. She chose China Glaze 'Turned up Turquoise & Barry M 'Yellow Topaz  for her pedicure.

Jade then decided she wanted an ombre type style on her fingers. So with the aid of a cotton bud i created the look below using 2 of the new MUA nail polishes & a China Glaze sparkle polish called White Cap.

After all that filing & polishing i decided on a quick peachy sparkle for my nails that would compliment my new fake golden glow. I went for the Sally Hansen shade 'First Kiss' with a top coat of China Glaze 'White Cap'. I love the subtle shimmer to this China Glaze polish & find that it gives a lovely finish to any nail colour.

Has this glorious weather made you feel all summery? Whats the first thing you do when the sun puts its hat on?


Thursday, 6 June 2013

My False Tanning Routine & How To Look Younger For Longer

I have never been one to lay out and bask in the sun. When i do relax on a hot & sunny day i do it for short bursts of time, wear a minimum of  F30 on my body & F50 on my face & never ever lay in direct sunlight between 11 & 3 instead choosing to seek out a nice shady spot under a palm tree(if i'm lucky enough) or an umbrella. My favoured suncream is the Piz Buin 1 day long lotion. As i'm all for a quick an easy method of protecting my skin whilst getting out into that glorious Vitamin D asap. Piz Buin "1 Day Long" does an excellent job of keeping my skin safe & allowing me to get a lovely golden glow to my skin.

Not a good look!

Living in England means that i am not always lucky enough to get enough days in a row of nice weather to build up a healthy, golden tan & this is were a good false tanning routine comes in handy. So today i thought i'd share my routine with you in the hope that you may try false tanning rather than burning yourself to a crisp. There are lots of different products that you can use from the fairly cheap to the very expensive. Mine routine is probably mid range. Here is how i do it.

1) I jump into the shower & do all the usual stuff. At the stage when i put my conditioner/mask on my hair i turn the shower off & grab one of my favourite products *Temple Spa "Sugar Buff" 

This product is the king of all body scrubs. Heres what the website says...

Prepare to bare. Ready to bare, but wouldn't dare? For all year round sexy soft skin that radiates with health, apply this delicious Mediterranean inspired sugar body scrub, including olive oil, fig and pomegranate to remove dead skin cells, encouraging cell renewal to reveal silky smooth, sun kissed skin. Scented with a blend of ten relaxing essential oils, your skin will feel calm and delicately fragranced too. The most amazing scrub ever!
  • Invigorates skin
  • Increases circulation
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Rejuvenates and softens
  • Improves lymphatic flow to remove toxins
  • Leaves skin wonderfully fragrant
  • Rich in extracts and essential oils
  • Natural exfoliants
  • Paraben free
  • Dissolves in the bath (so you are not sitting in a grainy bath!)
  • Relaxing

2) After a good old scrub i turn the shower back on, rinse my hair and my body & wrap myself up in my husbands big cosy towelling robe.

3) I then take my moisturiser of choice Garnier Intensive 7 Days Daily Body Lotion with nourishing SHEA BUTTER and apply it everywhere that i will be applying the self tanner adding extra to my wrists, elbows, knees, ankles & feet. I love how this moisturiser soaks in so quickly & smells divine. 

Heres what the Superdrug website says....

Imagine a body product that offers daily hydration so intense you feel it up to 7 days.
Garnier introduces its new Innovation, a light-weight non-greasy lotion enriched with natural ingredients for irresistibly soft skin that smells great.
- Nourishing shea butter for dry to extra dry skin

4) Now this is the part of the process i would never mess with or scrimp on. I moisturise my hands really really well with the Garnier moisturiser & then immediately apply *Temple Spa "Sol Mate" everywhere that i would like to look tanned. I have tried many many false/self tanners, at many different price points & Sol Mate is like no other. Sol Mate is a gradual tanner without that horrid false tan smell. Temple Spa took years to develop this cream & wouldn't launch it until it was perfect. No nasty smells(it smells of grapefruit), easy to apply, no streaks & most importantly it can be built up, doesn't wash off & lasts for up to 7 days. 

Heres what the website says....

The most believable faux tan ever!
We all admire a sun kissed face and body – it just makes us look much healthier and feel thinner and sexier too! However baking in the sun and exposing the skin to the harmful UV rays has the risk of sun damage, and accelerates the ageing process. 
SOL MATE is a breakthrough tanner, which gives a natural, buildable tan without the risk of streaking, blotches or uneven tone. Plus it can be reapplied every other day to keep the colour longer or deepen the tone.
SOL MATE cleverly combines serious skincare properties with a healthy sunless tan. Its high quality formula is hydrating to the skin, and rich in natural extracts and essential oils that not only beautifully fragrance it, but treat the skin with anti-ageing benefits.
So trust your SOL MATE to bring on a superior, natural warm tan that is good for your skin… all without one drop of sunshine! 

5) I then listen to  some tunes on my iphone & have a boogie to speed up the drying process. If it's Summer i sometimes stand in front of a fan which is very refreshing & if it's Winter you can always blast yourself with a hairdryer. When my skin is touch dry i jump into some baggy jim jams & let the "Sol Mate" work it's magic. It takes around 6 hours to develop so a good idea is to do it before bed & wake up looking like you've had a weeks holiday :)

I think that looking after my skin & using good quality skincare from an early age has really showed in how my skin looks today. I receive lots of compliments on my skin & the products i use on my skin are one thing i will not compromise on, ever!

What do you do to keep the signs of ageing at bay? Are you a faker or a baker when it comes to getting a golden glow to your skin?


Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Week Of Clean & Healthy Eating

Why hello there everyone, how has your week been? I've been feeling fab! I think it may be down to my new healthy eating kick, but if this is how it feels to eat fresh wholesome food then YIPPEE i'm on board. Why did i not know about all these luscious foods before now?

So, lets take a look at some of the lovely stuff i've been eating this week!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Face of January & shopping my stash

New year often brings new products & a new start. I knew as soon as the little one was back at school i would be straight into my new makeup room reorganising and sorting through everything. I couldn't wait to put my makeup in some kind of order in my new Muji acrylic & Ikea Helmer drawers.

It was at this point that i decided to shop my stash as i had a shed load of products that hadn't seen the light of day since they had been purchased. Below are the products i opted to use throughout the month of January. They were all chosen with the aim of making me look radiant & youthful.......if thats at all possible  at the age of 39!

The only thing that i didn't change up was skincare. Well if it aint broke, don't fix it!
These are the products that i use on a morning for a quick a simple yummy Mummy routine.

Cleanser - Bioderma Crealine H2O Micellere water. This is a holy grail product for me & i couldn't live without it. Amazing at removing all makeup(even eyes) & just an all round fab cleanser that leaves your face squeaky clean and smooth as silk. Simply pop a small amount onto a cotton pad and wipe away your day. I paid around £20 for 2x500ml bottles from here

Toner - Temple Spa Toning Essence. This miracle multi tasker is a toner, a skin refresher(much like the Caudelie one) & a make up setting spray. At £14 for 200ml it is an absolute steal. It contains a multitude of natural mediterranean based ingredients with not a drop of alcohol in sight. Marvelous!

Day moisturiser - Temple Spa Moisture to go. This stuff is just the ticket for my combination skin as it has micro sponges that mop up my oil whilst still moisturising the non oily parts of my skin. I find this also works great as a primer, so although initially £33 for 50ml seemed a little expensive, it actually works out cheaper for me as i no longer buy a primer. As a busy Mum, products like this that multi task are a godsend.

Face base products

Foundation - L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique Light Infusing Foundation(C4 Rose Beige). I have been loving this foundation. I would say it gives light to medium coverage & a lovely healthy glow to the skin which is always welcome at this time of the year. I love the glass packaging & rose gold detailing of the pump. 1 pump does my whole face & evens out my complexion even covering small imperfections on the skin. As this foundation settles into the skin it becomes even more natural looking & used in conjunction with a power it keeps my oily T zone in check as well. BONUS! £10.99 from Boots

Under eye highlighter - Maybeline New York Dream Lumi touch highlighting concealer(02). My new love, this has taken over from my Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. Great for those of you from across the pond who can't get Collection products. It covers dark circles whilst illuminating under the eyes at the same time & the best thing is that it doesn't crease like the collection one did on me. £6.99 from Boots

Concealer - Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer(Medium) You've just got to love the name of this one haven't you! This is a 3 piece camouflage kit with under eye brightening concealer, super wear face concealer & a sealing powder with mini powder puff for setting. This product is very Bobbi Brown esque in that it is a pot of thick concealer. I only use the face concealer for the odd blemish as i don't like to use thick products under my eyes for fear of them creasing into my fine lines. Although i do use the powder & puff to set my Maybeline Lumi under my eyes. Both of these do a fab job. £10.00 from Boots

Powder - Another new discovery for me that has taken over my Mac MSF natural is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder(Translucent). What can i say, it sets my foundation in place & keeps oil at bay. Job done & at only £3.99 from Boots it's another bargain buy.

TOP TIP - Always wait for the Boots 3 for 2 on all cosmetics promotions to save yourself some dosh.

Quick & simple wide awake eyes 

Eye shadow - Maybeline Color Tattoo in On an on Bronze(Bad to the bronze in the U.S) Such a pretty, quick & easy way to look made up for the school run. I just pop it on my ring finger & smooth across my eyelid blending out with a Real Techniques Deluxe crease brush. It stays put all day & doesn't crease. £4.99 from Boots

Eye Liner - Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal(005 Nude) This is a creamy pencil that is not as harsh as a white pencil but gives the appearance of having larger eyes giving a wide awake look which for me is a must as i am a zombie until my 2nd coffee of the morning & would probably scare the school kids without this! Stays put all day & being waterproof means that the darker shades don't end up running down your face in this horrendous weather we have been having here in the UK Amazing value at £3.99 from Boots

Brows - Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil(001 Dark Brown) Nothing shapes an eye like a good looking brow & this simple brow pencil from Rimmel hits the mark. Stays put all day & has a handy brow brush on the cap to brush through brows after application to give a more natural look. £2.99 from Boots

Mascara - NYC Showtime waterproof(844 Black) I initially discovered this in the original formula & was blown away for the price. This definitely rates as my top drugstore mascara. I picked up this waterproof version to see me through the winter. It can withstand anything the British weather chucks at it so a big thumbs up from me. I am lucky enough to have longish lashes so i can't comment on the lengthening effects of this mascara but it certainly volumises. £1.99 from Superdrug

Finishing touches/Brushes - If like me you want that youthful, bright & bushy tailed look first thing in a morning then your look isn't complete until you've popped that favourite blusher on your cheeks & that winter shade on your lips.

Lipstick - Rimmel by Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick(107) This is a beautiful winter plummy red shade that has good lasting power yet doesn't dry my lips. Super cute packaging too £5.49 from Boots

Blusher - Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks(Rosey glow) I didn't have many blushers and wanted to experiment with some new shades so thought i'd pick up this inexpensive blush from Boots. It's very pigmented for the price & the brush tends to pick up quite a lot of product so a good tap of the brush is required before applying, but the finished result is a lovely frost bitten effect on the cheeks. I love it! £1.99 Exclusive to Boots

Brushes - I find that you can have the best quality products but if you have poor quality brushes you won't get a good result. I'd much rather invest in good brushes & use more budget friendly makeup as the application method makes a huge difference to the finished result.
Real Techniques Brushes - I use 3 brushes for my every day make up.
Expert face brush - for blending liquid foundation
Buffing Brush - for face powder & blush
Deluxe Crease Brush - for blending out cream shadows
I can't rave enough about these brushes, they blend beautifully, feel soft on the skin, are animal cruelty free & dry quickly when washed. Best investment i ever made. Get the sets from Feel Unique to save some serious money over the individual prices.

So, thats my quick and easy day to day makeup routine for January. I may change up just a few items for February but am really happy with how quick & easy this is. 

What products do you use daily. I'd love to read your face of the day posts so leave your links below so we can all have a nosey. 


Monday, 28 January 2013

Muji acrylic makeup storage drawers

Before i accidentally deleted my You Tube channel the lovely Kerry from 'Kerrylovesglam' had asked me to do a video on my new Muji acrylic makeup storage drawers. So this post is just for you Kerry x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Beauty loving & how it all began

Loving beauty from a young age
My love affair with all things beauty started when i was about 3. It was a hot summers eve & i had been put to sleep in my Nana's bed. It was still bright outside & i couldn't settle. As i lay awake in the vast expanse of the squishy double bed, my eyes began to wander around the room until they fell on my Nana's dressing table. The story ended with my Mum & Nana coming into the bedroom to find me covered in bright red lipstick & Oil of Ulay(now known as Olay).

Ever since that night i have been hooked on the smells, textures & colours of all things beauty related & have, over the years sported some rather outlandish looks. You'll often find me searching out bargains on the pages of Feel Unique in bed in the middle of the night as my husband sleeps next to me.

I now see that pattern repeating on my youngest daughter who is now 5. She loves hanging out in my makeup room with me just testing & playing with makeup. We have great fun putting makeup on one another & her all time favourite activity during makeup playtime is to have her nails painted in lots of different colours. This also gives us a great excuse to have a big deep bubble bath, so we can get all of that makeup off her delicate skin by using even more yummy products. In my day it was Johnsons or Infacare, but there are an abundance of gentle products out there today for younger delicate skin.

So, is the curiosity about beauty genetic? Does it come naturally to all us girlies? I suppose thats down to the individual, but i do know one thing ......... My life for one would certainly be boring without it.

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