Friday, 25 January 2013

Beauty loving & how it all began

Loving beauty from a young age
My love affair with all things beauty started when i was about 3. It was a hot summers eve & i had been put to sleep in my Nana's bed. It was still bright outside & i couldn't settle. As i lay awake in the vast expanse of the squishy double bed, my eyes began to wander around the room until they fell on my Nana's dressing table. The story ended with my Mum & Nana coming into the bedroom to find me covered in bright red lipstick & Oil of Ulay(now known as Olay).

Ever since that night i have been hooked on the smells, textures & colours of all things beauty related & have, over the years sported some rather outlandish looks. You'll often find me searching out bargains on the pages of Feel Unique in bed in the middle of the night as my husband sleeps next to me.

I now see that pattern repeating on my youngest daughter who is now 5. She loves hanging out in my makeup room with me just testing & playing with makeup. We have great fun putting makeup on one another & her all time favourite activity during makeup playtime is to have her nails painted in lots of different colours. This also gives us a great excuse to have a big deep bubble bath, so we can get all of that makeup off her delicate skin by using even more yummy products. In my day it was Johnsons or Infacare, but there are an abundance of gentle products out there today for younger delicate skin.

So, is the curiosity about beauty genetic? Does it come naturally to all us girlies? I suppose thats down to the individual, but i do know one thing ......... My life for one would certainly be boring without it.


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