Monday, 28 January 2013

Muji acrylic makeup storage drawers

Before i accidentally deleted my You Tube channel the lovely Kerry from 'Kerrylovesglam' had asked me to do a video on my new Muji acrylic makeup storage drawers. So this post is just for you Kerry x

The Muji drawers that i have are the 5 drawer wide version with the fixed top & can be found here The drawers measure 26cm x 17.5cm x 16cm & are made of clear acrylic.

The thing that i love about these drawers is that they are tough, wipeable & completely see through, which means that you can see all of your beautiful makeup. These drawers hold the majority of my makeup collection but i also have a set of Ikea Helmer drawers to store bulkier items. There are also a few smaller items like Mac paint pots which are unfortunately too deep for these drawers, however, i am planning to get another 2 drawer set which have deeper drawers. Another cool feature with the Muji drawers is that you can make your own personalised combo of drawers to suit you & your needs, as the drawers clip together making them very sturdy to stack. Heres how i use mine...........

In my bottom drawer i keep bronzers & blushers. As you can see on the right hand side, if you have thin items like the Bourjois chocolate bronzer, you can stack them 2 high. I have an elf bronzing pallet underneath the bourjois one & the drawer closes without a problem.

In the next drawer i store all of my Mac shadows, Maybeline colour tattoos & other shadows. As i said before, the Mac paint pots do not fit in these shallow drawers so you would need the deeper ones if you have a lot of these to store.

Next are my lip glosses & lip balms.

In my top drawer i store my lipsticks & lip liners. If you have any lipsticks with swatches in the end like my MUA ones on the left, it's really handy to be able to see the colours through the drawer before you even open it.

The reason i chose a fixed top set is so that i can display my perfumes on top, which i think looks really pretty wouldn't you agree?

 So, what do you currently store your make up in? Do you have the Muji drawers in your wish list already? Well, i can 100% recommend these drawers as money well spent.

 If you would like a more in depth look at my make up collection or perfume collection(I have a few more than in the pictures here) then leave me a comment & i shall do a post for you. Also if you have any nifty storage ideas yourself then let me know in the comments or leave a link to your blog or YouTube channel. Thanks for popping by. xxx
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