Tuesday, 12 March 2013

7 Day Juice Fast - I DID IT!!

Well here i am, 2 days post juice fast. Those of you who are considering doing this, let me just tell you that it's blummin hard!

My last update was nearly 72 hours in, at which point i was 4 pounds lighter. On the morning of day 4 i had lost a further 1lb & the headaches & foggy head had gone. I was hoping for a mass of energy to come my way on this day, but alas this didn't happen.

The day 5 weigh in gave me a 2lb weight loss meaning a total of 7lbs in 96hrs. I was still struggling to drink my quota of H2o & began having dizzy spells on this day. I will however say that at this point i had not been hungry once since the beginning of the fast.

The morning of day 6 i was still feeling tired & no more energetic. My weigh in showed a 1lb WEIGHT GAIN! Also very strangely i was really emotional on this day, even having a few outbursts of tears. I still hadn't had a number 2 since the morning of day 2. This was slightly worrying as i thought the fast was supposed to cleanse EVERYTHING out of your system, bowels and all. My stomach started cramping late in the evening & to be honest, i was quite relieved to only have 1 full day left to go.

Day 7, my last day was a Sunday & the first thing i thought when i woke up was SUNDAY DINNER! Haha, not for this juicing girly. The scales showed a 1 & 1/4lb weight loss which i was relieved about. I had spent a long time on the internet trying to find out why i may have gained weight & concluded that i needed to drink more juice & water. Lovely! Being my last day i thought i would put in 110%. I drank 130 ounces of juice & well over 5 litres of water too. I really hoped that my last weigh in would see a big loss & that i'd also have lots of energy in the morning.

Day 8, with only my breakfast juice to go until i could officially break my fast i was craving a banana of all things. Not chocolate, not an indian takeaway(my fave), A BANANA! Who'd of thought? The morning was a bit of a rush as my eldest daughter wanted to take me out for a belated mothers day treat straight after we'd dropped my youngest daughter at school. I managed to glug down a 15 oz glass of carrot, apple & lemon juice & throw my 5 litre bottle of water in the car before we set off, but i forgot to weigh myself. While we were out i had a freshly squeezed orange juice & my very first solid food in over a week in the shape of a banana. I have to say that it was the best banana i have ever tasted. By the time we returned home & i jumped on the scales they were showing a 1 & 1/4lb WEIGHT GAIN! So in total for my 7 day detox, fast, feast, reboot or whatever you'd like to call it i lost a total of 6lb which i was more than happy with as that is a lot of weight to lose in just 1 week. For my dinner that night i made a simple veg soup by throwing the carrots that i had left from my fast into a massive pan, with a bag of parsnips, 2 onions, 4 cloves of garlic & 3 litres of veg bouillon(stock). When cooked through i added a tsp of black pepper & whizzed it up with my blending stick. It was really delicious.

So as i said, here i am 2 days post fast & i actually feel like i have more energy now than i had whilst fasting(go figure) The scales are showing another 1lb weight gain, so i am at 5lbs lost. Although i would of loved to of lost more weight & for the weight to of stayed off, i think this week has been about more than weight loss for me. It has re-educated me about food, whats in it, how much of it i need to sustain myself & more importantly how nice just plain old food can taste. No additives, no preservatives, no ingredients i don't recognise. Just good, pure, not messed with fresh food. I am trying to steer towards as natural produce as possible now & just maintain a healthy diet. As i am still only gradually introducing solids back into my diet so as not to send my stomach into overdrive, i started the day today with a large banana & a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon & had some more of my gorgeous homemade soup for lunch. Tonight i am cooking a stir fry with rice noodles with a splash of soy sauce which i am really looking forward to, but i must remember to chew it really well to help my stomach digest it. I can gradually day by day reintroduce more solid foods until i'm 7 days post fast & then i can really eat whatever i like(healthy foods of course)

So, if you are considering giving this a go i would say go for it. Get yourself a good juicer so that you don't get the frothy top & do some research on the net as i did. Google is your friend & You Tube is fantastic & the Joe Cross movie, Fat Sick & Nearly dead is an inspirational movie to watch before you begin your fast. I also watched Forks over Knives as i was nearing the end of my fast, which was really useful to help me decide what type of foods i would like to eat post fast.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me & i'll help you as much as i can. Good luck!

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