Wednesday, 6 March 2013

7 day juice feast fast - Day 2 & 3

Tuesday 5th March

It's actually late on day 3 that i'm typing this as let's just say i've been feeling totally alien for the past 2 days. On Tuesday i managed to drink a lot more water & made a few new concoctions with my Tefal juicer, containing pineapple, kiwi, carrots & pink grapefruit which were really nice. I again started with a headache around lunchtime which seemed to subside whenever i drank some juice. Tuesday night i visited the loo 4 times which meant that today(Wednesday) i woke up feeling exhausted. On the plus side my 1st weigh in resulted in a 1lb weight loss. Not bad for 1 day.

Wednesday 6th March

Due to feeling like i slept on the loo last night, i have felt dreadful all day today. I just wanted to go back to bed & hide under the duvet. The headache has been humming away in the background all day & at times has become quite bad. I've had a couple of episodes of nausea & can't seem to get warm. Drank mainly mean greens today but had carrots, cucumber, orange, apples & beetroot for dinner tonight. I have just brought the last glass out of a 5 litre bottle of mineral water to bed with me so not quite managed the 2 litres per day that i should be drinking, but it's certainly getting easier to drink the water. As a side effect of drinking the water i have been frequenting the loo every half an hour tonight. I just pray i'm not up & down all night again as i could really use a good kip. 2nd weigh in resulted in a weight loss of 2 3/4 lbs, so a total loss of nearly 4lbs in 48 hours.

Sorry it's not much of a post but even the glare of the screen is hurting my eyes, so i'm off to snuggle under this duvet to try & get warm.
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