Wednesday, 22 April 2015


On my birthday i got to spend one glorious hour with a stunning Chanel make-up artist in HOUSE OF FRASER at Meadowhall. I was planning to replace my Mac mineralise skin finish natural(Medium) anyway, as i had hit pan some weeks ago. I'd read a lot of rave reviews about LES BEIGES & seen what this finely milled powder could do through watching demo videos over on YouTube. So when the lovely Chanel lady mentioned that i could redeem the £25 from a makeover on Chanel products i thought it would be rude not to plop my behind down on her bar stool.

I told her i like to get a flawless but glowing appearance to my skin & she assured me that my choice of LES BEIGES as my next compact powder was a good one. She happily chatted to me through every step of the makeover & explained the benefits of each product as she applied it to my skin. The HYDRA BEAUTY SERUM felt cooling on my skin & made sure that my face stayed moisturised whilst giving a radiant glow from beneath my make-up. Next up the LES BEIGES ALL-IN-ONE HEALTHY GLOW FLUID felt weightless & glided on seamlessly with the Chanel foundation brush. My flawless makeover was completed with a light dusting of LES BEIGES HEALTHY GLOW SHEER POWDER in shade 20, which was applied on a big fluffy Chanel powder brush

As my make up artist had taken off all but my eye makeup she said she had a gorgeous lipstick perfect for the Summer that would really suit my skin tone. She applied the colour BOY from the ROUGE COCO SHINE line of lipsticks with the most adorable disposable lip brush & i was instantly in love. I quite often get it so wrong with pink tone lipsticks but she was spot on when she said that this shade would suit me. As well as looking really pretty it was also very moisturising & oh what gorgeous packaging. A lipstick wasn't on my shopping list but i couldn't not pick this up. 

Make over complete, my M.U.A filled out a Chanel card listing all of the products & shades she had used on me & popped off to get my LES BEIGE powder while i admired her handy work in the mirror. I was never pressured or asked to buy any additional products other than the power, which was so refreshing. That actually made it all the easier to ask for the lipstick to be added to my bag. "In that case, would you like to keep the lipstick brush for your handbag?" the Chanel lady asked. I of course obliged & then watched in delight as she added a second mini lip brush & 2 additional compact powder brushes identical to the one supplied inside the LES BEIGES compact. 

I would highly recommend that if you are considering buying anything from Chanel then use their make over service first. You will get expert advice, colour matching & application tips to get the best result possible from the products you buy. Chanel make up isn't cheap but i know that i have purchased two items that are suited to me & that will be worn on a daily basis so i feel like i have received good value in that respect. I can't tell you the number of cheaper impulse purchases i have bought that are still sat festering in the back of one of my make-up drawers. 

I can't wait to pull this gorgeous compact out of my handbag for powder & lipstick touch ups throughout the day. I think i may of started a bit of a love affair with all things Chanel which could be bad for my bank balance, but a girls gotta have a treat every now & again right? 

What are your favourite luxury brands? 

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