Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Top 5 Under £1 Beauty Essentials

I have read many beauty blog posts about high end products, i have read many about high street products, but rarely do i see any blog posts about the unsung heroes of beauty. Yes those overlooked, somewhat boring but yet essential items that to be quite frank, we'd be lost without. Here are my top 5 budget beauty essentials & all are under £1!

I live in a tiny town in the back of beyond so when a few years ago i heard a Wilko store was opening i was beside myself(Yes it really is that small a town). Being that i am a massive fan of all things Wilko it will be no surprise that 3 of my 5 essentials are from there.

Now let me start by saying that i have tried a lot of cotton pads in my time, ranging in price up to £3 a pack. I came across these little beauties during my initial craze with Wilkos & have never looked back. You get 50 large oval cotton pads for just 50p & i use them along with my Bioderma micellar water for all over facial cleansing. The size means you only need to use 1 & being 100% cotton they are oh so soft on your skin. A staple i could not be without.

I used to be a twice daily cleanse, tone & moisturise gal, but in the Spring & Summer months you 
just want to get out into that vitamin D ASAP. I think that as long as you have done your evening routine the night before then surely all there is to wipe away in the morning is dead skin cells(and in my case drool!). The Skin Therapy wipes from Wilkos are fab for just that. I have never agreed with using wipes to take off your makeup & i'll go into that in another post, but these fab face wipes are just moist enough to freshen that fatigued face in a morning. They have no nasties, being colour, alcohol & fragrance free. At only 50p for 25 wipes they are suitable & affordable for everyone. 

I love the debates surrounding what this little netty ball is called. Is it a scrunchie, is it a shower puff, who knows but i love how this makes my shower gel go so much further. Just a small squirt of your chosen shower gel gets this little love in a right old lather. Wilkos call it a 'body mop' & i call it an essential for exfoliating your body to within an inch of its life ready for faking or baking. At 40p you can get one for each member of the family. 

Behold the lowly cotton bud! A make up artists best friend, these little beauties can be used for a    multitude of things. Dip in make up remover to remove mascara mishaps or tidy the lip line. Again i have tried many affordable versions & most sub £1 cotton buds result in the tips falling off. My absolute favourites are the Aldi Lacura ones. I even love the packaging. It's non bulky, hygienic & fairly sturdy plastic. I think 35p for 200 x 100% cotton buds is a complete steal & they come in 4 different colours.

"I kissed a girl & i liked iiiiiiit, the taste of her cherry ChapStick". Sorry i couldn't resist. I let out a little chuckle when i first found this in the 99p store. I love the SPF15 version in the height of Summer & throughout Winter but when but comes to flavours, the cherry ChapStick wins hands down for me. It's good enough to eat(although my husband doesn't agree) & keeps my lips nourished & hydrated. Pound World also sell these at £1 or 3 for £2! BARGAIN! 

So those are my top 5 beauty essentials for under £1. I don't know if tagging is a thing in the blogging community or if there is already a tag for this, but if not then i tag you to post about your top 5 under £1 beauty essentials! If you have already posted something similar then link me up in the comments or just let me know in the comments below what yours are, where they are from & how much they cost. I'd love to know. 



  1. Ooo I'm going to have to go into Wilko and have a little look! haven't been in ages and this has made me rediscover how much I love their stuff! Deffo wanna stock up on the oval pads they look amazing! Love that how cheap the poff is too! bargain!! Great post :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Charley! Yes, wilko is fab. I love the oval pads & poofs lol. x

  3. Brilliant idea for a post and some of these prices are amazing. The scrunchie for 40p is unbelievable! I had a wee look see at your you tube channel and am loving watching your weight loss journey. I subscribed and have followed your blog -Thank you for sharing this post on #abeautyloverslinkup - don't forget to pop back and check out the other bloggers posts.


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