Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Discover Crabtree & Evelyn

Have you heard of a brand called Crabtree & Evelyn? Did you know that there is much more to them than meets the eye? How many of you have seen a store front just like the one below & walked on by with a preconception that it wouldn't really be your cup of tea? 

I can fully admit that i too was one of those people, that was until i was invited to the launch event for Garden Celebration. Now i invite you to come inside & take a peek as i'm sure you'll be as surprised & delighted as i was.

I love discovering new brands & new products, so i was very excited to get to know more about Crabtree & Evelyn. I was astonished to discover that the brand is a year older than me(& i'm getting on a bit, shhh) It's strange to think that not long after the brand was founded in 1972, i would of been sitting in my back garden & trying to make perfume from a bowl of water & petals from my granddads rose bushes. What i didn't realise was that this was my mini version of the home apothecary or 'still room' that inspired the Crabtree & Evelyn model. 

So, after researching the intriguing story of its namesake The Crab Apple Tree & John Evelyn i found myself in the centre of the historic city of York. The York store(one of over 500 worldwide), is housed in a quaint little building on Stonegate next to the medieval St Helens Church & opposite the famous Bettys Tea Room.

Upon entering the store i was hit by the most incredible scents wafting down from what i was later to discover as the hand treatment area. I then noticed immediately in front of me the most gorgeous & enticing display of biscuits & teas. This was the first of many revelations about Crabtree & Evelyn. Who knew they sold fine food such as biscuits, sweets, preserves, fudge & teas? 

I was saved from indulging by the gorgeous Jamie, the Crabtree & Evelyn PR. Originating from Kansas & now ensconced in our capital city, we chatted like old friends about all things beauty & beyond. She really did make me feel at ease at my first bloggers event. After all that beauty chat i couldn't wait to explore the store. Everything is displayed so perfectly & the colours of the pretty packaging are a girls night stand dream. 

As i made my way through the store perusing the products i was approached by one of the lovely store assistants & offered refreshments. I chose the green tea with blackberry as per her recommendation & it didn't disappoint. I am not a lover of green tea itself, but this blend was so fruity that the green tea aspect was rather indistinct. 

As i sipped my tea i mingled & chatted with the other bloggers at the event. The consensus was that Crabtree & Evelyn was such a beautiful brand & much more affordable than they had anticipated.

With offers such as 2 travel sized hand creams for £6 in an array of scents & gift sets like the lovely hands hand therapy gift set below, there really is something for everyone. They even have a mens range which was revelation number 2! 

After finishing my tea i was invited to take a seat & have a hand treatment, which i did without hesitation. I sat in a little nook of the store with a marble sink & rolled up my sleeves in preparation.

 I was shown the cute packaging of the Gardeners 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands & told that the Gardeners range has 1/3 off. They even do a mini kit version which is a perfect gift to hang on the tree at Chrismas(Yes, i said the C word in May!) Step one is the Gardeners Hand Recovery which cleanses, exfoliates & moisturises in one. This is followed by step two, the intensive Gardeners Hand Therapy Hand Cream. Containing shea butter & fragranced naturally with clover, lavender, sage, rosemary & thyme. This ultra moisturising hand therapy duo keep your hands feeling soft & smelling divine all day. At the end of my 60 second treatment my one treated hand felt & looked 10 years younger than the untreated hand. SOLD!

As i sat being pampered i couldn't help but notice how beautiful the counter was, with its colourful displays of special offers & pretty paper on the gift wrap station. They really have thought of everything to make the customer experience a memorable one.

As the hand cream was being massaged in to finish my lovely treatment, i noticed out of the corner of my eye yet another revelation(I told you there were many). Tucked under a shelf next to a hand cream collection was an array of very premium looking nail lacquers & nail polish remover wipes. Crabtree & Evelyn really do have you covered from head to toe. At £6 a pop, there is an array of colours including a beautiful duo chrome called Avocado which has a striking resemblance to Chanel's Peridot. With great reviews & at a snip of the price, these have got to be worth a purchase. 

After my hand treatment i had just enough time to see who had won the beautifully presented gift hamper in the raffle & thank Jamie & the Crabtree & Evelyn staff yet again for inviting me to this fun event.  

 I was gifted a goody bag filled with some wonderful Crabtree & Evelyn products to try at home & i can't wait to get stuck into them & let you know what i think. If like me you don't live near a store & would like to get yours Crabtree & Evelyn products along with your other beauty essentials, then i recommend Feel Unique as they offer free delivery on spends over £10.

I hope you found out something new about Crabtree & Evelyn today by reading my blog post & i hope you will pop in when passing one of their gorgeous stores to discover even more. As John Evelyn himself would say, "Explore everything keep the best".



  1. love your post, sorry we didnt speak at the event too. I'm sure we will come across each other again, given that york isnt so vast and there doesnt seem to be many of us around this way :) xx

    1. Thanks Laura, loved yours too. Yes hopefully more companies/brands will realise that holding events up this end of the country is worthwhile for them. xxx


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