Wednesday, 3 June 2015

May Makeup Favourites

May was a funny old month wasn't it & although the weather changed from day to day my make up routine has stayed the same pretty much all of Spring. As you can see by the picture above, many of my products are running scarily low. This however is a good thing as i am itching to crack open some gorgeous new make up that i have put by for the Summer months. For now though, lets take a look at whats been on my face for the past few months........

If you didn't already know, i'm a SAHM. I have a 7 year old princess who is fairly hard work, especially on a morning. So for the school run i need a quick routine that makes me look human & then some. With this in mind i only use a handful of hard working multi tasking products. 

My staple holy grail product is Macs Face & Body Foundation which i reach for the whole year through. It was my first ever Mac purchase & i have used it for years & the huge 120ml bottle is fabulous value for money & lasts an eternity. There is a further 10% off with Debenhams as i write this post, so a perfect time to grab some. The super talented Amanda Bowen uses this week after week on Emma Willis & tells me she loves it because its great for layering & using on Emmas body too where needed. It's super versatile & can be applied with fingers, brush or a sponge. It gives a light to medium coverage but as Amanda said, it can be layered to get more coverage where needed. 

To brighten up tired morning eyes & help with any dark circles i use the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer pen. This is a light & creamy concealer which is great for ageing skin as it doesn't settle into fine lines & wrinkles like heavier concealers do. It brightens & reflects the light to help give you that wide awake look. I am very nearly out of this so am looking for Blogger recommendations for which one to purchase next.

I like to give cream products time to settle into the skin before i powder my face so i apply lashings of mascara while i am waiting. A mascara i've been loving over the past few months is this sample size of the they're Real mascara by Benefit. It's been so loved in fact that the writing has rubbed off. It has a plastic bristle brush with bristles all around the tip as well so you can get right into the corners. I absolutely love what this does for my lashes & already have a full size on standby as this one is pretty much done. 

A match made in heaven is how i describe one layer of Macs Face & Body Foundation & Macs Mineralise Skin Finish Natural. Get 10% off using the link < Again i hit pan on this little beauty about a month ago & i've been eking out the last dregs of this super flattering & illuminating powder. It is a foundation in its own right so for good skin days its a one stop shop to flawless skin. Because its mineralised its another long lasting product which not only gives a flawless face but also highlights in all the right places & gives a lit from within appearance. I recently bought the Chanel Les Beiges to replace this which i wrote about HERE & i hope it lives up to my long loved Mac powder. 

My brush of choice to apply my Mac Mineralise Skin Finish Natural is the Becca compact kabuki brush. This densely packed brush picks up plenty of product & blends it seamlessly into the skin. For a quick yummy Mummy cheat i only use the remnants of powder that are left at the end of my application on my cheeks. This allows the natural flush of my cheeks to show through, saving me time on using a blusher. It's great to load up & sling in your handbag too for those mid day touch ups!

For a your lips but better shade i turn to the super affordable Essence Lip Liner in Satin Mauve. Long lasting matte colour & a creamy consistency make this a repeat purchase for me. At just £1 from Wilkos it would be rude not to give this a go don't you think. 

I used to be a Manger for Richard Bransons Virgin Cosmetics in a former life. This left me with an overwhelming amount of make up kit & rewards products which by storing carefully i am still working my way through many years later. I really think that the company was truly undervalued in the make up world & that the products were superb value for money. Used alone this is super moisturising, however this lipstick from the Moisture Kiss range is perfect to give a glossier finish to the matte lip crayon mentioned above. The shade Nude Shimmy is very Spring/Summer appropriate. It is a peachy nude & although i don't usually suit peach shades on my lips, this one just looks fab on me! Sadly not available anymore unless you can find an X-Consultant selling on Ebay who has stored them well.

Finally before i run out of the door, i roll a bit of this sweet smelling NYC fragrance by River Island on my wrists & behind my ears. This was love at first smell in the store, but unfortunately i didn't like the bottle. My day was saved when i spotted its cute counterpart in the form of a rollerball. Its sweet, it's floral & everything a Sring/Summer perfume should be. Another handy handbag staple & as rollerballs seem hard to come by in the UK, i just had to grab this baby.

So there you go, May 2015 makeup favourites DONE! What have been your makeup favourites lately? I am always on the lookout for new alternatives so let me know in the comments what yours are & link me up below if you have done a blog post on yours. Toodly pip xxx



  1. Can't believe I've still never tried the mac face & body everyone seems to love it!!
    A lovely selection of products, I think my favourite makeup product for May was the Maybelline colour senesational lipstick in peach poppy :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  2. Great favorites! I love seeing what others are enjoying :) - Kristen Kay

  3. Thanks for sharing your make-up routine. Really enjoyed reading. I love the Benefit mascara. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes and feel nothing I have tried works.
    Joan at

    1. I hear the Maybelline age rewind is good. The one with the round sponge applicator. I'm trying that next.


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