Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Amelia in H&M Skinny Jeans & Primark Top
In this weeks post i just had to address the ever growing problem of where to get clothes for tall, slim girls. So not only is this post to share the information of where i buy mine, but to also ask other Mummy Bloggers out there in the Blogosphere where they buy theirs from too. So let me start by telling you about my favourite place to shop for Amelia.
As soon as Amelia was born on the 20th September 2007 we knew she was going to be a tall one. In pictures of people holding her, her legs were already way over the ends of their arms. There began our stuggle with getting clothing to fit her correctly. I mean you have Long Tall Sally for women, but in 2015 i do believe that there isn't a brand solely dedicated to tall kids.

The easiest option we found when she was a baby was to always have her in dresses which i suppose isn't a bad thing being a girl, but when she started crawling we would of loved something that would protect her knees.

When Amelia started walking we struck the jackpot on a day out to Mcarthur Glen designer outlet in York. We found that Ralph Lauren clothing fit her like a glove. From jeans to tennis dresses she was set! Now obviously this became rather expensive & being a bit of a tom boy Amelias expensive jeans & tennis dresses didn't last long.
Amelia in H&M Skinny Jeans & H&M Basic Long Sleeve Top

It was only at the age of 5 that we came across a brand that we still use to this day. It's affordable yet good quality. Fashionable yet comfortable. More importantly, it fits Amelia like a glove! The brand i speak of is H&M. If you like me have tried all the ugly elasticated or adjustable waist jeans, bought the next size up for length only to find they hang off at the waist, then i think you should check out H&Ms skinny jeans. They are FAB! Their basic long sleeve tops are of a good length in the body & the arms too, meaning i don't have to go a size up for the sleeves & body to be long enough & then have the width of the top looking like a sack.

Of course we still find the odd gem that fits perfectly here & there at other shops, but if i just want to update Amelias wardrobe in one quick shopping trip the H&M is my go to store.

So, now it's your turn. Please let me know in the comments below of any stores that you shop at for your tall, slim girls. If you have done a Blog post on this subject then i would love the link to that too!

It is an issue that has been bothering me for nearly 8 years now & i just can't understand why nobody has filled the niche.

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