Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My High End Wish List

I have never been a label whore & although i love to follow trends & fashion i can never seem to justify the price tag enough to indulge myself. However, sometimes a girl likes to dream & the other morning i was doing just that. Not quite awake i sat nursing my coffee & thinking about what i'd purchase if i ever had a small windfall & here is what i found myself lusting after.....
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
Every time i see someone wearing this bag i feel the need to stroke it. I have wanted it FOREVER! I can't make my mind up whether or not i would plump for the Monogram or Damier Ebene print. I suppose if it were thrust upon me i would be overwhelmed with either. This bag is such a classic & being made of coated canvas i know it would last forever making it good value for money. The £535 price tag means that if i ever did buy it i would probably buy it preloved.

Hobbs Trench
Ah, the Hobbs Saskia Trench. What can i say about this coat. Again a timeless piece to have in any girls wardrobe, this classic trench can be dressed up or down & makes any ensemble look put together with absolutely no effort whatsoever. At £189 i am praying to snap this up in a sale sometime.

Daniel Wellington Watch

This watch seems to be everywhere at the moment. The Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield watch has become such an iconic timepiece. I can see a theme forming here as again, i think that this watch will transcend seasons & even years. It comes in at a jaw dropping £159 which for such a simple looking watch seems madness, however if the quality matches the timeless style of this watch then it could be a very shrewd investment indeed.

Finally i have been toying with the idea of selling my Macbook Pro to get this little beauty the NEW MacBook. Oh how slender she is. I fell in love with the iPhone 6 in the same colour. I call the colour Champagne. Apple call it Gold, but i think it looks more of a champagne colour & doesn't champagne sound so much more sophisticated. So the fact that this would match my iPhone & also the colour of my car just makes it all the more appealing. Can you tell i don't take much persuading? 

So there you have it, just 4 iddy biddy little things i would buy if a spare 2k came floating along. What do you dream of & lust after? I'd love to know your wishlist. Let me know in the comments below & we can dream together.



  1. Great choices, Donna! On my LV wishlist are the Speedy B 25 in monogram and Neverfull MM or GM in damier azur. Oohh, and a Chanel double flap in black caviar leather, Hermes Kelly or Birkin, and a Cartier watch, lol. many beautiful things! I'm also in the market for a good winter coat for our trip to Rome and a Canon 70d with some kind of upgraded lens. I guess that's about it. ;)

    1. Wow, what a fantastic wish list! Perhaps you can pick up a lot of that whilst you are in Rome :)


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