Monday, 22 February 2016

Money Saving Mondays - Budget Planning & Money Saving Tips

Is it Monday again already! This weeks "Money Saving Mondays" video is all about how to do a budget plan. I include links to lots of handy free printatables for you to print off & use as well as many many tips on how to save money on all the items commonly seen on a budget plan.


Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Money Saving Mondays - Free Days Out With The Kids

Myself, my eldest Jade & my youngest Amelia going out for the day
As a mother of 3 aged 25, 23 & 8, i have had many years of experience in finding things to keep my children occupied. When i had my 2 older children i was a young single parent with no family to help out either practically or financially. Very quickly i had to learn how to come up with ways of keeping the little ones entertained as lets face it, bored children = stressed out mummy.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Review - Morrisons Valentines Meal Deal #AD

If you saw the video i posted yesterday as part of my "Money Saving Mondays" series you will of seen how quick & easy it was to prepare the delicious Valentines meal i bought from Morrisons for the bargain price of £15. Todays blog post is following on from that video with a review of the meal deal & a look at some of the other inexpensive Valentines goodies i picked up too.
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