Monday, 8 February 2016

Review - Morrisons Valentines Meal Deal #AD

If you saw the video i posted yesterday as part of my "Money Saving Mondays" series you will of seen how quick & easy it was to prepare the delicious Valentines meal i bought from Morrisons for the bargain price of £15. Todays blog post is following on from that video with a review of the meal deal & a look at some of the other inexpensive Valentines goodies i picked up too.
The first great thing about the Morrisons Valentines meal deals are that they are located in a dedicated area in store making it easy to grab & go. There is something for everyone, even vegetarians! You have a choice of 4 starters, 8 mains & 4 desserts. You even get a choice of 4 wines that are worth £10 alone & let me tell you that the Roija was totally scrumptious. If you don't drink alcohol, thats not a problem as you have a choice of 2 non alcoholic drinks or a Thorntons continental selection.

Morrisons Valentines Day £15 Meal Deal
For my starter i selected the Morrisons Signature Prawn Cocktail which is infused with cognac to give it that je ne sais quio. I popped some salad leaves & cucumber that i had in the fridge into bowls as a garnish. The prawn cocktail is already preapared so you just need to spoon it into the bowls & voila. The sauce was really rich & tasty & went down well.

I love to eat steak when i dine out but have to admit to not being the greatest at cooking steak at home. The instructions on the back of the 21 days matured rump steak made it sound easy peasy & very quick so i thought i'd give it a bash. Well i have to say that these were the easiest steaks to cook & the taste was just amazing. Mr Dyble was well impressed so lots of brownie points for me there!

As the starter & dessert we chose was quite calorific we decided to go for the green vegetable medley as a side dish.

Our dessert of choice was the "Millionaires Dessert" which were giant profiteroles smothered in a toffee sauce & chocolate shavings. SOOOOOO NAUGHTY BUT SOOOO NICE!!!

Now i don't drink alcohol very much but i used to be a lover of a good red. When i spotted the rioja i knew it would compliment the steak perfectly & i was right. Rich & deep flavours & certainly lived up to it's £10 price tag. I couldn't quite believe i was getting this & all of the food as well for just £15. We had a glass each with the meal & a glass each the next evening too for double the pleasure.

Morrisons Valentines Shortbread I Love You Bear - 77p
Morrisons Valentines Vanilla Cupcakes - £1.44 for a pack of 2

There are so many other Valentines themed goodies to choose from in store too. My personal favourites were a cute shortbread "I love you" bear for 77p, a 2 pack of scrummy valentines inspired vanilla cupcakes for a bargainous £1.42 & last but certainly not least, 2 gingerbread underwear people for £1 that i had a blast with by making a little comedy skit at the end of my YouTube video ad for Morrisons. I thought it was funny but then my personality is a little bit out there. Why don't you go & have a watch & decide for your self. 

Mr & Mrs Dyble -  £1 for a pack of 2

So as you can see, Morrisons makes it easy for you to celebrate Valentines Day with a special night in without breaking the bank or compromising on quality with their Signature range of food. You can pick up your meal deal with your weekly shop from their dedicated area in store along with lots of other gifting solutions & it's such amazing value for money. 

Comment below & let me know which meal deal you got or what you have planned for Valentines Day this year. Whatever you are doing, i hope you have a really special day xxx

* Todays post was sponsored by Morrisons


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