Monday, 11 July 2016



When my mummy received an email from the awesome folks at Pawsome(Do you like what i did there? Dogs are clever too you see), asking if she would like to try out a box filled with toys & treats she of course said yes. Well she does love me very very much. 

As you can see, when she brought the box out into the back garden, i immediately dropped my ball & sat very nicely so that she knew i would like to look inside. My ball means everything to me but i got a whiff of something tasty & wanted to know what it was. 

 Now i'm quite handy with my paws but i needed a bit of help from my Mummy to get the flap open but as soon as it was i was like an excited puppy on Christmas day. Oh the smells, what are the smells, i need to eat whatever is inside here right now! At this point my tail was wagging uncontrollably.

First out of the box was the packet of oven roasted stuffed pork rolls which even through the packaging smelled divine. 

It was a hard choice between these and the squeaky Pink sheep toy. I had to have a little think. 

When my Mummy picked up the pork rolls to look at them i knew that i wanted them so i took them back off her. Mummy said these are Natural pork hide that is smoked in the oven & then sundried outside & filled with the finest ingredients so i knew i would love them. 

I always run away when i have a treat so that i get it all to myself. I knew if my Mummy got a sniff of this she'd want it all for herself & i just couldn't risk it.  I held the roll between my paws to get the perfect angle so that i could get the tasty stuffing from within. Boy it was good. 

Whilst i was munching away, Mummy had a look at all the other great stuff in the box. As well as my pork rolls & cute squeaky sheep there was also a barrel shaped doggy bag holder from United Pets with biodegradable poop bags that can be clipped onto my collar, a flea comb with ergonomic hand grip, a safe & organic carrot toy from NUFNUF that won't hurt my digestion & a bag of Mutt & Jeff cured sausages.   

SAUSAGES! Did i hear somebody say SAUSAGES! Please Mummy, i've been a good girl today. 

If you would like your human to order you a Pawsome Box you can order them HERE as a one off treat or for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions. Just get your human to fill in your details so that the box of 6 treats can be tailored to you & hey presto. 


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