Thursday, 10 November 2016

REVIEW: Hotter Whisper Leather Ankle Boots

Well what can i say. I had this super long blog post to put up today which amounted to 6 hours of work. Blogger lost it/didn't save it. I can't tell you how frustrated i am about it. Trying to be a new more zen version of myself i decided to "STEP AWAY FROM THE MAC!" & come back to it with fresh eyes. Ok so this post is a much shorter version as i decided to make this into a review of my Hotter boots rather than a full scale informative post about the company, the shop i visited & everything i learned about

I was originally invited to the York store for a bloggers event but unfortunately couldn't attend so Jenni the lovely PR for Hotter extended my invite & allowed me to visit the Beverley store to see the new A/W 2016 collection. There will be a follow up post to tell you all about my visit but today i would like to tell you what i think about my new boots.

Gerry the store Manager was a wealth of information & i was led by her expertise to try on the Whisper boots which she assured me would be ideal for my very wide feet. Whisper boots come in 5 colours, standard & extra wide fits. As with all of Hotters shoes they also come in half sizes too. They have zips both on the outside & inside of the boot making access super easy. Quite often i can't even get my broad feet through the neck of boots, so this double zip design was perfect for me. The leather is buttery soft & the lining is SO cosy with its luxury ultra padded faux fur lining, The cushioned insole is springy & bouncy. Upon standing up to walk around in the boots i also realised just how lightweight & slipper like the boots were. Without even looking at another boot i was sold!

So after a month of wear how have i found the boots? I have practically lived in them. They even came to the Algarve with me for 9 days & i wore them every evening. After miles & miles of walking around in flip flops during the day, putting the Whisper boots on my feet was like walking on air. Your feet just feel cocooned in warmth & comfort & for the first time ever with new shoes/boots i have had no rub marks, blisters or breaking in period to deal with. They say theres nothing better for business than word of mouth. I was so blown away by these boots that i raved about them to my coffee morning ladies. I then took two of them to the Beverley store where staff members Danni & Vick gave them the same exceptional service & expertise as Gerry had given me. They were so delighted, that they both walked out of the store with their own brand new pair of winter boots too! Are you getting just how happy i am with them?

To finish i just have one thing to add. HOTTER, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!



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