Friday, 3 February 2017

January 2017 Favourites

Hello my little blog friends! It seems like forever since i last sat down properly & tapped away on my keyboard. I do love that sound, it's SO ASMR. I was sat contemplating all the things i have been loving lately & thought I'd share them with you in the form of a January Favourites blog post. I personally love these posts so please hit me up with your links in the comments so that i can read yours as well.

My first favourite has to be my HYGGE (pronounced HOO-GA) book. It's so gorgeous before the hard cover is even opened. So tactile with it's blue hues. It's teaching me to live well & do more things that give me that inner glow I've been searching for. You can tell it has a permanent place on my bedside table by the coffee rings present on it's once perfect exterior. Of course, it wasn't me. When your husband brings you coffee in bed it would be a sin to reprimand him for where he puts said coffee. If you did then lazy mornings with coffee in bed would be no more. I'd have to leave the warmth of my cosy pit & venture into the cold morning air to make my own. No thank you! I'll take a cosy bed & coffee rings anyday. Now don't get me wrong, the blogger in me really wanted to order another pristine copy but the newly born minimalist in me screamed,  "NO! DON'T DO IT! EMBRACE THE COFFEE RINGS!"

Many months after being invited to the store in Beverley, my Hotter ankle boots are still firmly zipped onto my feet (well except for when I'm indoors of course). I wont harp on about them as i have a blog post dedicated to them HERE. Yes, i love them so much i blogged about them!

Of all the unlikely places in the world to find such objects of beauty it will surprise you as much as it did me to discover that these gorgeous plants complete with copper pots are from Lidl. Yep, you heard me right. I often bypass the jumble sale like mess that adorns the centre of the store. That was until i saw a glimmer of copper out of the corner of my eye. I was drawn to it like a magpie. What could it be? With three to choose from & i selected the Aloe & the Peace Lily. The third was one of those flat cabbage looking succulents which didn't really look right in the pot so i left it behind. At £3.99 each i just know that you'll agree that these are a steal. I can see them in the likes of Zara home for at least £10. Is it just me that lets out a little internal squeal when i find treasures like this?

Staying on the copper theme & in fact on the Lidl theme too, get a load of these bluetooth wireless headphones! Alright alright, so i check out the jumble sale like centre aisles a little more often than i was letting on. It's almost become a mission now to see what treasure i can find. I bought these thinking that the sound quality would be naff, but oh how wrong i was. Even at the higher volume the bass stays clear & doesn't distort. They have volume & track skipping controls built into the headphones & you can even take calls on them! Although i would love to see these sold with a suedette  lined pleather pull cord baggy to store them in when they are folded down, at £19.99 i really can't complain at all. These headphones were so popular that when i rushed back to get a pair for my eldest daughter Jade the next day, they had sold out never to be seen again.

Staying with tech, my next favourite is an oldy but goody. This little silver ipod shuffle that i have had for years has changed my driving experience. Although my new car(Ford Ka Zetec White Edition) comes with bluetooth so that i can play my tunes directly from my iPhone, my music library has become limited since my Apple Music trial ran out(insert crying emoji here) I also like to keep as much storage as possible free in case i have to film on my iPhone too. This teeny gadget just plugs into the usb port in my car & with the aid of some blue-tack it just sits on it's doc & starts the minute i put my key in. Genius! If i get bored of the playlist i can just swap it out for something new. It also doubles as a great gym/dog walking pal too as i can just clip it to my top & away i go. At £49.99 it's a great gateway into the world of apple & comes in lots of fun colours.

My next favourite is not something i ever thought i would include in a favourites post. I mean glasses are a utilitarian item aren't they? I am short sighted so it's essential that i wear glasses for driving & since buying my new car my old glasses have disappeared. I was contacted by Laura over at Firmoo & offered a pair of free glasses to review & i have to say that i love them. The ordering process was so easy & the choice of glasses was great too. I just copied my prescription over onto the website et voila. Delivery was surprisingly quick considering that they are shipped from overseas. Realising that glasses have become a fashion item, (i know i am behind on this concept) i picked what i call a sexy secretary style. I chose frames with red running through them to match the red in my hair. The quality exceeded my expectations as all of the glasses are so affordable. The exchange & refund policy is great too. If they damage your glasses in transit or somehow get your prescription wrong then you can return for a free exchange or refund within 3 days. I am so excited to be able to offer my readers/viewers a free pair of glasses too! Just follow my special link & follow instructions to get your code to add at the end of your order. These are now my only/main pair of glasses but would also be great if you need a back up pair too.

Is anyone else on a health kick? A new year always gives me a renewed sense of motivation when it comes to getting leaner & healthier. I am trying to cut down to one milky coffee per day from my Nespresso & Aeroccino which very nearly made it into this favourites post for favourite drink. I have never been a massive herbal tea fan, although i do try once a year to see if my taste buds have changed with age. I hear rave reviews about brands such as tea pigs but when checking them out in my local supermarket i nearly fell over when i saw the price. Imagine my surprise when i found a suspiciously similar product in Lidl. Can we take a moment to say how obvious it is that i love Lidl & i'm not even sponsored by them! At £1.79 a pack for 15 bags i purchased 3 packs of tea, my favourite being the Peppermint & Liquorice flavour. It's very unusual but has a sweetness that hits the spot for me. When comparing to the bigger brands as mentioned above, you can buy 2 packs of this & have 50 odd pence left in your sky rocket.
Pic taken from my Instagram(Donna Dyble)

So that's it for my roundup of favourites in the month of January. Do you have or love any of the things i've mentioned above? Have you written a January favourites blog post? Let me know below in the comments & if you have any questions about anything mentioned then ask away.

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