Wednesday, 31 October 2018

A Month Inside My Pinterest

How many of us bloggers have Pinterest accounts? I’m betting 99%. I mean, doesn’t Pinterest go hand in hand with blogging? Second question - How many of us just frantically pin & never actually get round to reading half of what we’ve pinned? GUILTY!

We pin to help us be more productive, more mindful, more successful, eat better, set goals. We pin to learn new recipes, look for fashion trends, plan our holidays & even pin tips on how to be a better blogger!

So my challenge to myself & to you is to spend the month of November choosing 1 different Pinterest board from your own Pinterest account every single day & devoting 30 minutes to it. Read the articles, re-file them to other boards if you feel they are more relevant there, delete them if they no longer serve a purpose to you, but mostly just enjoy that 30 minutes of ME TIME to READ!

Leave me a comment below to let me know if you too are guilty of this, what board you will read on day 1, & what you are called on Pinterest so that I can read your boards too.


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