Tuesday, 1 January 2019

THE HAPPINESS TOOL KIT - Whats inside the box

Hello & welcome back! Hows your New Year going? In yesterdays post I started to tell you about my “Happiness Tool Kit” & todays post is sharing whats inside the box. These are the tools I will be using throughout 2019 to keep me on track for a happier, healthier & more positive year. 

I am a bit of a notebook tart but the two that I have chosen from my collection to use for 2019 are these lovelies. The grey one was a gift from my friend & has a beautiful hand written message inside. It allows me to make small notes of reflection each day & then highlight the best thing that happened each week too. The pink notebook started out life as a gratitude journal & I will continue to use it for this. I will show you inside these notebooks in a future post. 

I discovered In The Moment magazine in October & have enjoyed the calming & positive nature of the magazine. I received a 13 month subscription as a Christmas gift & am looking forward to each & every issue. Soul & Spirit magazine is a brand new discovery for me & I bought it for the pack of affirmation cards that came with it. Its such an interesting magazine & I can see that I will repurchase this from time to time throughout 2019 as my interest in this area grows. 

Finally In my Happiness Tool Kit is a free calender I received with a copy of In The Moment magazine. It comes with 12 beautiful illustrations & positive quotes. I will hang this by my bedside so that I can be inspired from the moment I wake up. In 2019 I want to get out of the habit of going on social media just before bed so I will instead try to spend 20 minutes colouring in this colour yourself calm adult colouring book which was another freebie from the Soul & Spirit magazine.

So there you have it. The contents of my little box of happiness tools. The contents of this box may grow throughout 2019 in which case I will share my finds with you. I will be writing about other ways in which I intend to stay happy, healthy & calm in future blog posts so why not follow my blog & come back to read more. I love to chat too & would love to know what you do to help you stay happy. Leave me a comment & let me know. Just remember, “HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE WE MAKE”. Lots of love & positive vibes. Donna xxx


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